Source tagging and recycling for retailers

Source tagging is the process of security tagging a product at source, simplifying the process for retailers whilst delivering huge cost and efficiency savings.

The process

Once the label or tag is applied, it travels through the supply chain with the product and is then removed when the product is purchased at the store. As part of Catalyst's source tagging program, once the tags have been removed from the product, we collect them from the retailer. They are then recycled and reused back at the source. We also provide personalised reports of upstream and downstream activities, the CatNet on-line system for quick and easy tag ordering, support from our experts and quality control procedures. 

Benefits of source tagging and recycling

There are many benefits that come with source tagging. It is an efficient way to reduce theft and loss as the product travels through the supply chain and whilst in the store. 

Improve margins

Source tagging moves both the cost of the tag and the application of the tag to the source of the product. There is also less damage through incorrect tagging. 

Improve productivity

Tagging at source means your retail staff won't have to spend time applying an endless amount of security tags to your products. It also decreases the time it takes to get products to the sales floor. 

Increase sales

Now that staff aren't spending a lot of their time tagging, they can spend it selling to customers instead. Source tagging also improves product availability and decreases the amount of damaged stock.

Reduce shrink

Source tagging is a tried and tested method of reducing internal theft and theft in the supply chain as the hard tags act as a visual deterrent. Using pre-tagged stock also ensures 100% tagging compliance. 

Source tagging with EAS or RFID

Unlike many of our competitors, we don't just offer source tagging for our EAS products - we also offer intelligent source tagging. This is the use of RFID technologies in the source tagging process.

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