RFID solutions for retail

At Catalyst, we provide an end to end Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) solution for retailers. this includes solutions for inventory management, retail security and improving the customer experience as well as providing appropriate tags.

About RFID tagging solutions

As part of our service, Catalyst recommends and sources tags based on clients' requirements, ensuring high quality performance and competitive pricing. Catalyst provide a range of hard tags and soft tags, as well as a cloud-based RFID encoding and printing system.

RFID hard tags and soft tags

Traditional security hard tags are available in different formats - RFID only or a combination of RFID and EAS (AM or RF) technologies.

Soft RFID tags are far more commonly used and can be supplied as an adhesive sticker or embedded within cardboard swing tickets or woven fabrics.

Tag printing and encoding

Catalyst also offers tag encoding solutions for both hard tags and soft tags, ensuring that this process can easily be undertaken at any point within the supply chain. Depending on the solution required, this will either be a very simple plug and play encoding station or an RFID printer.

Data collection

Using RFID activated products enables retailers to collect rich data. All of Catalyst's hardware sends the collected data to the Catalyst cloud portal. From there it is sent to wherever it is required, in whatever format it is required in.

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Catalyst offers data support through the Catalyst Dashboard and suites of automated reports. These reports are personalised to each retailer, based upon their individual requirements.

The comprehensive support from Catalyst also includes: staff training, regular software updates, system upgrades and replacement hardware (all hardware is supplied with a 12 month rapid replacement warranty). Technical support is also provided online, via telephone or through an engineer being dispatched.

The Catalyst RFID range

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Technology showrooms

Catalyst have RFID technology showrooms in different locations around the world. Arrange a visit and come and see the technology in action.