People counter for retail

The Catalyst footfall counter is designed to be discrete and non-invasive. It is a compact and easy to install network camera that is specifically designed for retail stores. The camera is mounted on the ceiling of the entrance, perpendicular to the people passing by.

Collecting key data

Using the retail traffic counter allows you to gain key customer data around people entering and leaving the store.

Conversion rate

Measure the effectiveness of promotional campaigns or shop window displays in driving traffic in to the store.

Footfall track

Use the footfall counter to understand store performance. For example, is a particularly poor performing store doing badly because of low footfall or poor sales effort? You can also use the footfall tracker to determine traffic patterns and plan the staff rota around them.

Customer tracker

Not only can you track footfall as a whole, but track individual customers - each customer is uniquely identified via their smart phone device.

Dwell time

See how long the customer stays in the store for.

The spec

Dimension Device dimensions: Width 90mm x depth 92mm and height 40mm Packing dimensions: Width 180mm x depth 220mm and height 100mm
Weight Device weight: 660g Packing weight: 1kg
Power Power over Ethernet : 47V DC, 0.12A (6W)

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Full product specification

For the full product specification, download the data sheet below.

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